(THLEP) is an organization that is passionate about maternal Mental health of Deaf women.


To raise awareness and reduce the stigma of postpartum depression while providing psychological support to the affected Deaf mothers and their families.


To ensure a society where Deaf women and young mothers, their family members and care givers are more informed about postpartum depression and have access to support and resources to improve their mental health throughout their pregnancy and early parenthood.

It was formed in 2020, to address the challenges posed by COVID-19 on Mental health of Deaf nursing mums.

We saw the need to speak out and break the silence in a bigger way. We have many Deaf women who may be going through the pregnancy journey alone and for this reason we are there to offer a hand of encouragement and hope.

  • To provide psychological support for mothers affected by postpartum depression.
  • To break the communication barriers between the hearing world and the Deaf world especial in Health facilities.
  • To create a bridge between professionals in the field of Mental health and the Deaf mothers and families affected.
  • To promote perinatal mental health education in order to fight stigma and raise awareness.
  • To advocate for perinatal mental health through research, policy advice and educate the society.
  • To create support groups that will be peer led whereby deaf mothers who’ve had perinatal moods and anxiety disorders and have recovered can offer support and a safe space for other Deaf mothers.


Our Hard Working Team

Judy Kihumba